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What is Nano?

Nano is digital money that significantly improves on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The main features of Nano are:

  • No transaction fees.

  • Extremely fast to send money—less than 1 second for 100% confirmation.

    Bitcoin takes 10 minutes on average for ~80%1 confirmation. Nano is more asynchronous than Bitcoin—individual transactions are voted on separately from the rest of the network.
  • Highly decentralized.

    Using the Nakamoto coefficient measurement, it is more decentralized than Bitcoin2 3.
  • No inflation.

  • Green—Massively less energy use than Bitcoin.

For more information on what Nano is, see the Nano documentation:

Nano is also known as: Nano cryptocurrency, Nano coin, RaiBlocks.

1. The Bitcoin white paper, under section 11 "Calculations" explains there's a ~80% chance for an attacker with 10% mining power to overtake the longest chain. 2. Measuring Decentralization in Bitcoin and Ethereum using Multiple Metrics and Granularities 3. List of representative nodes showing a Nakamoto coefficient of 8 at the time of writing (2021-02)