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What is Feeless?#

Feeless is a Nano cryptocurrency node, wallet, tools, and Rust crate. This is not the official project for Nano, only an implementation written in Rust.

๐Ÿšธ This is a work in progress. The API will probably change without notice until v0.2. ๐Ÿšธ

I decided to start this project as a personal adventure of understanding Nano. I give no promises about my future motivation to complete this project ๐Ÿค.



  • Rai units and conversions
  • Mnemonic phrases
  • Seeds
  • Private keys
  • Public keys
  • Addresses
  • Wallet
  • Proof of work

Command-line interface#

Feeless is a feature packed binary including a powerful command-line interface.

  • Manipulate/generate seeds, keys, addresses.
  • Convert between rai units, e.g. nano to micronano.
  • A wallet that supports private keys, seeds and mnemonic phrases.
  • Decode and print network capture (pcapng) files.
  • RPC client. (WIP)

Rust crate#

Feeless can be used by developers as a Rust crate.

Please see the Rust crate documentation for information.

Nano node#

This is a work in progress.

Can connect and communicate. No voting, storage, chain validation, etc.