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Alpha software

The wallet is considered alpha software. Please don't use the wallet for any real Nano unless you know what you are doing. It is not matured and may have bugs that can lose your funds, etc.

Backup your keys

If you feel the need to use this alpha component, make sure you back up your seeds/phrase/private keys, not just the wallet file.

No file locking

There is no file locking currently, so two processes writing to it at the same time will cause unpredictable results.

A wallet file is a collection of wallets. Wallets are accessed using a wallet ID or a default wallet.

Feeless supports three different wallet types:

  • A single private key.
  • A mnemonic phrase.
  • A seed.

You can use environment variables to make your life easier.

The file storage is JSON.

Environment variables#

Feeless wallets support two environment variables to save typing out the same arguments over and over again:

  • FEELESS_WALLET_FILE which is the name of the file.
  • FEELESS_WALLET_ID which specifies the wallet ID.

For example, these two commands are equivalent:

> feeless wallet address --file gak.wallet --id 2B2B95123A375400F5D29EA03F180884D073B4D5DE06EF7D4674DF7E7DD1382A
> export FEELESS_WALLET_ID=2B2B95123A375400F5D29EA03F180884D073B4D5DE06EF7D4674DF7E7DD1382A
> export FEELESS_WALLET_FILE=gak.wallet
> feeless wallet address

Wallet IDs#

Specific Wallet IDs#

A wallet file can contain multiple wallets, represented by a wallet ID which is a hex string:

> export FEELESS_WALLET_FILE=gak.wallet
> feeless wallet new seed

Wallet IDs are not the private key or seed, these are just an identifier for the wallet itself.

Default wallets#

If you only need to work with one wallet, you can use a default wallet which is just a zero value.

> export FEELESS_WALLET_FILE=gak.wallet
> feeless wallet new seed --default

Please note that if a wallet ID already exists, it can't be created again.

When you don't specify the wallet ID in further commands, it will assume the default key.

> feeless wallet address

Generating addresses#

You can generate multiple addresses depending on your wallet type. Private wallets can only generate one address.

> export FEELESS_WALLET_FILE=gak.wallet
> export FEELESS_WALLET_ID=`feeless wallet new seed`
> feeless address 42
> feeless address 43
# Create a new private wallet.
> export FEELESS_WALLET_ID=`feeless wallet new private`
> feeless address 42
ERROR feeless: Exiting because of an error: There is only one private key in this wallet. Only use index 0.

File store#

Wallets are stored as JSON files currently, and look like this:

"wallets": {
"6DC07716363835A21D9B31909A8900D67E91590605AB82149FC28846BD84E825": {
"Seed": "27C8DCFB31F72323EBD06E396596AA0BF498B612F47AA7B49EE1B466B4A16F54"
"1E3F5B21B58EF79FCB33F1E44594B970D349F203CAF6D0B7B53BC2EE77015B64": {
"Phrase": {
"language": "English",
"entropy": "0C1149CB18CC1EAE0B62730A5497D40F0B1386323EB3D340DBB2D69489133E8A"

You can create and remove entries yourself if required.