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Welcome to the Feeless documentation and blog. I'm not much of a blogger but will try to keep this section up to date with news and interesting discoveries.

What is this?#

Feeless is an implementation of Nano written in Rust.

I am a huge fan of Nano, and decided to start this project as a way to learn how Nano works internally.

At the time of writing, Feeless can be used as a fully working Rust crate with fairly covered crate documentation (although still progressing).

Feeless also can be used via the command-line to manage a wallet, convert between keys, e.g. private to public to addresses. It can also do transforms between units, e.g. nano to micronano.

The Plan#

Basically the plan is to keep working on the project, making sure it is continuously polished and accurate. The eventual goal is to have a fully functional node that can be used as an alternative to the official C++ implementation.